A Knoxville Dentist,
providing exceptional
dental care

Knoxville Dentist, Nicholas Cakmes, DDS

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Dr. Cakmes

Dr. Cakmes is a Knoxville dentist
specializing in cosmetic dentistry.
Dr. Cakmes has successfully
improved all kinds of smiles,
from those needing general
maintenance to those needing
total aesthetic reconstruction.
But one comment is
consistent among all
his patients. They
believe “Dr. Cakmes
is the gentlest
dentist they have
ever known.”

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At the office of Nicholas Cakmes, DDS, we work as a team to help you achieve the healthiest, most beautiful smile imaginable. We are committed to both our patients and our practice…

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Many of the best things in life begin with a smile — a new friendship, a successful job interview, love at first sight. But if your smile is less attractive than you would like, you may hesitate to use it…

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Family Dentistry

Kids and parents often have different priorities when it comes to choosing a dentist. Kids are looking for someone interesting, fun, and gentle who will treat them with respect…

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